The project


StoryWorks is first and foremost the desire to share the experience

The experience gained over the years (25 to be precise) in reportage photography and the curiosity that, in our travels, led us to discover hidden and unique stories to tell through images.

With our workshops, we aim to leave a mark on both the photographers who choose to experience these journeys with us and on the people and places that become our photographic subjects. The challenge we have chosen to embrace is precisely this: to bring back reportage photography as the tool that, like in the past, was used to make real the events, stories, and people that would otherwise have remained in the shadows.

[...] Yet, if there isn't someone who collects a testimony, writes about it, takes a photo, or leaves a record in a book, it's as if those events never happened. Because history only exists when someone tells it. It's precisely this idea - the idea that with every small description of something witnessed, you can plant a seed in the soil of memory - that binds me to my profession.



We are passionate about hidden stories of people, places, cultures, and professions, which become the subjects of our photographic work. The language we use is reportage, the most free and direct form of expression for a photographer, through which to convey our way of experiencing the world.


For us, the best translation of this term in italian is “guided group experience.” The style and technique of reportage develop individually through direct field experience combined with the support of a professional.


StoryWorks encompasses all of this with something more: translated into Italian, it’s “the story that works“. It’s our idea of a photographic journey that goes beyond taking a group of photographers to “capture beautiful photos” in exotic locations. Instead, it offers the opportunity to push your limits, truly discover your photographic identity, and build your own “story that works”.


The symbol of the fusion of two tools for storytelling: the diaphragm of a lens and the tip of a fountain pen. Photography becomes the means to “write” the story. Together, they form a “pin,” which we will use to mark our destinations, our subjects on the map, the exact location to find us.

You will remember and recognize our logo right away!


I’ve been fortunate. I had the opportunity to learn reportage photography through a profession that now hardly exists: a photojournalist for local and national newspapers and press agencies. Reportage, for me, has always been about being in the right place at the right time. Over time and with experience, I’ve learned that some coincidences await you, while others you must learn to anticipate. The most important thing I will always try to convey is this: patience is the best approach when you “sense” the potential for a great photo.

Picture of Carlo

The only way I know to approach a new place is to walk because a photographer must walk and look and wait and talk, and then look again, trying to maintain the belief that the unknown, the unexpected, or the hidden heart of what it already knows awaits around the corner.


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